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D.R. Mirkam Software is a software house that has been successfully serving customers in a number of sectors, for over than 25 years.

D.R. Mirkam has developed, and continues to develop software systems for a wide variety of industrial sectors.  Its software systems are integrative and interface fully with one another, in a totally seamless manner, as far as the end-user is concerned.

D.R. Mirkam Software has unique expertise in every area related to data collection, transmission, and monitoring, between end-users/branches and communications centers.

The principle which guides Mirkam’s commercial activity is the provision of complete solutions for its customers, selecting software and hardware configurations that are suitable for their requirements and budget, and most importantly, implementation and project follow-up right through to its successful integration in the customer’s business.

Mirkam’s fields of expertise

·         Selling its own professional software packages.

·         Consulting in the field of ADP (Auto Data Processing), project management and system analysis.

·         Provision of professional personnel (systems analysts, programmers and training staff).

·         Supplying hardware from leading companies at very competitive prices.

o   (because we share our discount with the customer)



D.R. Mirkam Software Ltd. is a business partner of IBM and its software systems are approved by IBM accountants and software engineers, as a software that is marketed and warrantied by IBM.

Some software systems operates on the popular IBM series I-POWER 6 & 7 computers, from PC’s using the most up-to-date-technology.

Other software systems are Web based applications, or based on application generators.

D.R. Mirkam Software also specializes in the development of software systems for PC network systems, operating on Windows Desktop and Server systems.


 Mirkam’s basic principles

·         Looking at things from the customer’s point of view:

Placing special emphasis on finding the right solution for the customer, starting from the connection of cables and servers right through to the most complicated software problems.


·         Rapid response, maintaining the value of the customer’s investment

Fast, efficient service, providing almost immediate solutions. 

Getting ideas and requests from system users, in-depth analysis of solutions and distribution of new software editions to the benefit of all customers.


·         Connections between computers

Connectivity between customers and Mirkam’s customer service center, provision of consulting services, solutions for ongoing problems and up-to-date real time transmission of software directly from the Mirkam service center to the customers’ computers.


·         Training and Follow-Up

Mirkam places special emphasis and has considerable experience in the training of end users as well as follow-up where required.



Mirkam's presentation  Mirkam's presentation
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